We transformed Seagate's existing style and feel of their President's Club program to one of high-end luxury and elegance - keeping a consistent theme for each travel destination. This reward program for their highest earning sales representatives created more incentive to produce more sales.
Our new designs contributed to the reps eagerly competing to participate in the event each year. Many participants' spouses/guests saved the program materials as part of their memory scrapbooks to share with family and friends after the trips.
The design of the packets not only reflected the destination theme and highlighted the trip's events, but also fell within the annual budget for the event. Choices in materials, printing, and design were made to keep the richness and stay within budget and timelines.
Scope of Project:
This series of Presidents Club events for Seagate consisted of several destinations including South Africa, Hawaii, Rome, Paris, New York and others. The printed materials for South Africa's trip consisted of a large folder that held various letters and information given to attendees. A smaller folder held award information and also the main event invitation and dining menu. Included was a travel packet for specific side trips which consisted of a boarding pass and ticket folder. A business card sizeĀ info card gave the itinerary, which was easy to put in a wallet, purse or pocket. Each destination had a similar mix of items to inform and delight the attendees.

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