The client needed a fresh look for their companion marketing pieces that spoke to what the city of San Jose is widely known for. We used the idea of "Do You Know the Way to San Jose" along with Silicon Valley's iconic circuit boards for computer systems to pave the way to the city for the covers. The content consisted of advertising, of which many ads we designed, plus useful information about the features and exciting venues to visit.
Scope of Project:
We designed and produced companion multi-page booklets to market and promote visiting the city of San Jose. The Destination Planning Guide went to destination and meeting planners and the smaller booklet went to the general public.
Content sections included a welcome, bureau services, conference & exhibit facilities,  accommodations and special group facilities, dining and entertainment, points of interest, recreation and other activities in the area, transportation services, a listing of services & suppliers, maps of the area, and advertisements.
Destination and Planning Guide Inside Pages
Official Visitors Guide Inside Pages

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