Mountain Community Theater has a long-standing history in the San Lorenzo Valley community. Their original website was out-dated and didn't provide all the functionality needed for their specific subscriber circumstances. To wit, they set up the seating each night based on subscriber reservations, some of which come in only hours before the curtain goes up. They needed a tool to help make this process of tracking subscriber reservations easy to manage on a daily basis for each performance.
In addition - the site just needed to be upgraded visually and incorporate a better representation of their history, subscriber information, volunteer and financial support opportunities.
Scope of Work
The new website was designed to excite and inspire visitors to attend shows and spread the word about what's happening at MCT! Not only is the site helping to generate new customers but it allows for the continued marketing to build relationships, educate and engage. The new site is visually appealing, drawing the visitor into the experience of MCT, is informative, and most importantly: easy to navigate. The new site is engaging for viewers, encompassing social media, optimized for search engine traffic, and responsive for viewing on all devices.
The Home page has the most impact with a header that resonates with the mountain venue and the slider spans the full width of the screen with 5 frames of images from previous shows and also what's coming up.
Aside from new content being added to show MCT's history, new graphics were added to use for clicking through to key areas of the site promoting Season Tickets. In addition, a sidebar of icons allows for easy navigation along with the top navigation menu.

The theater can update this main image as the shows change each season.

These images were created as CTAs (Call to Action) for use throughout the site.

This page shows the side bar created for quick navigation.

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