Re-brand with new logo and Website for Facts 'n Figures, Inc., a marketing research firm.
The previous website for Facts 'n Figures, Inc. was nearly 10 years old and needed a re-design. In addition, the logo was stale and needed a fresh look that represented their company in a new light.
The original logo looked dated and "old school," no longer reflecting the current status of the company. Going in-depth with the owners to review the history of the company and discover it's new goals and target market, I went through a series of concept and design development which yielded the final result: a logo that reflected the core of the company's purpose and values while bringing their brand into the 21st century.
Scope of Project:
The new site needed to reflect the latest technology, services, and resources the firm made available to its clientele. I reorganized the content and navigation. I created new visual assets for a few areas that needed some direction or clarity. Additional images were included to balance the design and keep each page interesting and easy to read.
The site was built using Wordpress so that a company employee could easily add to their articles and update their information as needed.
The clients of Facts 'n Figures, Inc. gave a lot of positive feedback to the owners. The new look gave the company a new edge in the marketplace, making it easier to gain new clientele.

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