Back to Nature Foods has several products in its cadre of "better-for-you" packaged food lines. They needed a partner to help them update their overall natural food design and then create new layouts for each package in each category while adding in new products in the process. 
Concept renderings and slide presentations for new products were developed to help the VP of Marketing discuss new product development ideas with their board of directors and team members.
This project was with McDill Associates, a design agency that hired me to create the package updates and manage the customer relationship. The photos are courtesy of McDill Associates.
Scope of Project:
Once the core packaging design was created, I updated several categories of products and their extended lines with the new design: Cereal, Nuts, Granola, and Crackers. This also included arranging for new photography or creating a collage of suitable stock photography where it worked.
FDA rules for the Nutrition Panel, Non-GMO, and other nutrition symbols were strictly adhered to along with other packaging requirements for the Principal Display Panel, Distributed/Manufactured By, ingredients, allergens, and other packaging content.
Packaging files were prepared to match specific printer specifications using their dielines. In many cases, files were confirmed with the printer to make sure what they received would be complete to work with easily and efficiently.

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