Cosmic Crisp is a new apple with proprietary breeding techniques to not only have great taste and color, but to last in storage or on grocery shelves for a lot longer than other types of apples. 
The marketing for this new apple needed an educational introduction with some fanfare and a focus on being nutritional and family/kid-friendly. 
This landing page was needed quickly and include basic information to coordinate with other marketing collateral and start building their contact list.
This project was initiated with McDill Associates, a design agency and later with Harbor Creative Group, another design agency, which hired me to develop the landing page. 
Scope of Project:
The beginning of this product's development and marketing required a landing page quickly. 
The core design, photography and elements were incorporated to match the print and ad collateral that was being launched to build brand recognition. 
This was a WordPress website launched temporarily on the agency's server until the client's accounts could be set up for a future website and additional landing pages.

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